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a revolutionary all-in-one business suite to run your entire business.


Everything You Need to Run Your Business Digitally!


Now you can focus on what truly matters for your business!

Techno Craft Bangladesh is engineered to scale with businesses as they grow. From advanced financials to sales to billing and beyond, Clickctg CRM provides the tools you need to accelerate growth and drive innovation swiftly and confidently.


One Integrated Solution!

Tired of switching between applications? Automate your sales, billing, and finance in one platform. If you need more anytime, Use our powerful suite of APIs and Guides. If you have coding knowledge, you can also change the design, customize it etc. Your license will never expire. There is nothing like having the source code at your finger tips. If you are a developer, we are sure, you will love it! Keep your data in your own hand. Host it in your own server. Use your own brand, make it exclusive for your business.

What is Cloudly CRM?

Cloudly CRM is a set of business software functions enabling the core business processes inside and beyond the boundaries of an organization. It comes with Billing, CRM, Accounting, Customer support everything is in one integrated system. It’s extremely flexible & modular. You can even create custom plugins, integrate with your existing system using the API. If you purchase open source edition, you are also permitted to edit the codes and add functionalities for your company.

What is Cloudly CRM & Its Benefit?

Cloudly CRM software is based on a common data model used to storing the data to be shared between business departments and their business processes. If you are planning to use software to manage efficiently your business,  in most case, you will be directed to pay more because you will have to use a service for Accounting, another service for CRM & you will pick another one for customer support. As a result, the total cost of ownership of the softwares grows. And here come Cloudly CRM to address these issues.

A Cloudly CRM is a set of modules enabling the core business and business support processes inside and beyond the boundaries of an organization.


  • Everything you need in one place. You will not have to open multiple application, for instance to view customer profile, transaction histories, previous conversations.
  • View the complete picture of your business from one single dashboard.
  • When you have an accurate picture of your business, you can make better decisions.
  • All modules are connected & shares the same data.
  • Cloudly CRM software can be easily enhanced & it’s designed in that way.
  • All modules work seamlessly together, so you can save time & effortlessly manage your business.
  • Collaborate with ease because you will not have to maintain multiple services to share with your business partners, employees.